Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Solar Panels

Our solar panels will be up and running next week. We talked about getting the panels for several months. We finally took the plunge and made the commitment. The tax credits right now are hard to pass up.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...


I thought about you all morning. You are my canning hero and you would have been so proud of me. I canned 7 pints and 13 half-pints of my Grandma's Pepper Relish. I'm so proud of myself. (It really takes so little for me to get excited, doesn't it?) I think I'd have made you proud as well.

Congrats on your panels!!


Amyw said...

Way to go!
I am proud of you! The best part of canning is the satisfaction that comes from seeing the finished product and enjoying a taste of summer in the dead of winter. I'd love to have the recipe. I'm at centrifuge with Adam this week. I need to dust off my canner when I get home and get started filling up all those empty jars.