Thursday, July 1, 2010

June....please come back

Somehow June slipped by too fast. I love June. The weather is usually just right...warm and only slightly muggy. Unfortunately we went from a cool May (froze at graduation) to July in less than 24 hours. I walk outside my house and it is a sauna. Georgia summers at their finest. This is the time of year when the only trips I want to make is either the lake or to my parents' home (they live at a higher elevation). I hate coming "down" out of the mountains. The temperature is always a few degrees higher and the humidity is oppressive. So what happened around here in June?

Not much.

All those projects I had lined up are still waiting. I did manage to purge my kitchen of an embarrassing amount of mismatched plastic. Bob installed some nifty cabinet drawer thingys (sp?) that are WONDERFUL! Love them, wish I had sucked it up and bought them years ago...

I finally went to Home Depot, bought a can of spray paint, and spray painted the greenhouse lights that have been sitting in my storage room for four years. I'll post pictures later on. Let me just say that Oiled Bronze spray paint is awesome. The results were very good.

This guy turned 19. I was a newlywed at 19. Now I understand why my dad isn't smiling in any of my wedding photos. 19. I can't believe I have a 19 year old. I can't believe I thought I was so "mature" at 19. I thought Bob, who was 23, was really old and mature :-)

These two guys celebrated their 2nd birthday in June. I'd forgotten how precious a two year old can be. They are so funny. You should hear them say "Bob." It is absolutely adorable. My brother and sister-in-law will be the first to tell you that they are blessed.

I got my summer haircut. A couple of days before I went in to get it cut, I ran into a lady I work with. She commented on how good my hair looked that day. I thanked her for the compliment. Then she went on to explain why my hair looked so much was nice and rounded at the crown, not flat and out of shape. Which made me wonder how many days did I show up at work with a flat crown? Obviously too many :( She then suggested that I take pictures to my hairdresser to avoid future flat crowns.

So, here is my "shapely rounded crown" self-portrait. Please note that I have been working with Photoshop this summer. It is an amazing program. I can erase wrinkles, brighten eyes, and add sparkle to lips. Now I need to figure out how to straighten a crooked nose....

All this to say...there is a reason June slipped by so fast. I think this picture pretty much sums up our June.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Love the cut Amy. June did go by so fast. July is always the LONGEST month of the year to me. It is hot and muggy and...just want it to be over.


Cindy said...

I loved this post, especially the line, "now I know why my Dad isn't smiling in any of my wedding photos".