Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day playing at the lake

Adam and I gathered up my niece and nephews for a visit to the lake. This lake is close to my parent's house. When I as their age, I spent many hot summer afternoons swimming in the cold mountain water.
It's fun to watch your kids make their own memories at places that are special to you.
Adam and Colton
Cage. He has sand on his face because Colton kept trying to throw sand toward the lake...but his aim is a little off. It wasn't safe to be within five feet of him when he was throwing sand.

Adam, Avery, and a friend on the dock. They are probably planning their next cannonball. They splashed so much that I'm sure the lake level dropped a few inches.

The twins spent most of the afternoon digging in the sand. I borrowed a couple of serving spoons and plastic containers from my mom. Just the things to keep a couple of two year old boys busy.

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Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Looks like fun. The perfect outing for a hot summer day. Was it Winfield Scott?