Saturday, April 24, 2010

District 4-H Shotgun

Adam competed in the District 4-H Shotgun Meet today. This is his first year. He's watched his brothers compete for several years and has been patiently waiting for his turn to compete.

He saved up his own money to buy the shotgun. It took him almost a year. He's proud of the gun and takes very good care of it.

We could have bought the gun for him but I think that would have spoiled the joy of buying his first gun with his own money.

He had to shoot 16 out 25 skeet to qualify for the state meet. He shot 18 and placed third in the Junior division. We'll travel to the state competition in a couple of weeks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Spring Evening....

I'm sitting outside enjoying the spring weather while watching the chickens scratch around the backyard. I love this time of the day....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Senior Prom

Clay's senior prom is tonight. He spent the morning washing, waxing, and polishing his grandpa's truck. Then he spent about 10 minutes getting dressed. I guess you'd say he has his priorities straight :-)
Clay & Jennifer

My favorite picture.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's blooming right now

The Star Magnolia (I just found out that the correct name is a Jane Magnolia-check the comments) bloomed this week. From a distance it is hard to get a decent photo.
But when the camera moves in a little closer, oh my goodness....

Each bloom....
is like...
a piece of eye candy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Cherry Trees

We planted two cherry trees last year. Sunday evening I noticed they were getting ready to bloom. Monday morning I woke up to an explosion of blooms.

Spring has arrived and she is simply taking our breaths away this year.

Of course, spring is literally taking our breath away because the pollen count has skyrocketed. In Atlanta it was 119 on Friday and this morning it was 2967. While it is not that high in our area will be in a couple of weeks. Gotta love living in the South....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adam's $100 Haircut

We had Easter dinner at my Aunt's house today.

After dinner, my brother and Adam made a bet that if Adam was willing to shave his head, he would give him $100. After several minutes of serious negotiations and proof on his uncle's part that he had $100 in his wallet, Adam shook hands with his uncle to seal the deal. They headed out to the garage.
Adam wanted a "before" photo. I think this is the only time he has ever requested I take a picture.
At this point, we were all laughing so hard I could barely hold the camera still. The looks on his face were priceless.
Here's the "after" photo. He's proudly showing off his earnings....which he'll need to purchase sunscreen to shield that white head from the sun :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finally...Spring Break

No out-of-town trips this year. Everyone is just too tired to plan even a camping trip. Besides, I've had a to-do list running through my head for the past month just waiting for this week.

Spring break To-Do List:

CLEAN this house. The dust and cobwebs have got to go. The windows need to be washed and the porches readied for summer.

PAINT....I got a sweet deal on a set of end tables/coffee table this winter. I love the simple style but not the color. I'm thinking of painting them barn red. I have an old dresser in the mudroom that I want to paint Apple Green.

I salvaged a cool set of light fixtures from the old greenhouse at school. I need to clean them up, spray paint them, and get Bob to hang them on the front porch.

I have plans for the old 1980's ceiling fan in the living room.

I need to clean out the flower beds and transplant almost everything.

I want to get the vegetable garden tilled and ready.

I hope to visit the local nursery to look for more fruit trees.

That's the list and knowing me....I won't get a single thing accomplished :-)