Friday, June 11, 2010

The abused hydrangea bush

A couple of years ago Bob decided to build a new brick pathway to our front porch. We have a rhododendron that had grown out over the old walkway. It was either cut down the rhododendron or build a new walkway. It would have been a criminal act deserving of a life sentence to cut down the rhododendron. Trust is over 10 feet tall and a traffic stopper when it is blooming.

Sitting by the old porch steps was a massive hydrangea bush. It had to go because the new steps needed to go in that location. I talked Bob into trying to save the bush. He wasn't sure it would be worth the effort. I hated the idea of not attempting to save the bush.

He dug around the bush as best he could...while trying to avoid being impaled on a hydrangea stem. He ended up chaining the bush to the back of his truck and pulling it out of the ground.

The chances for survival looked bleak. The bush fell apart into several clumps. We planted the larger pieces and threw the smaller pieces into the woods.

And then I waited for spring and any sign of life. The first year was bleak. A few leaves struggled to make an appearance. It didn't look promising.

For the past two years, the bushes have settled in and added new growth...but no blooms. I think they were still miffed at us for dragging them halfway across the yard attached to a chain ;)

But this year they have exploded in blooms.

Even the bushes that were thrown into the woods are blooming. I guess they've gotten over the abuse and decided to show off this year.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet Peas

I planted Sugar Peas in my new raised bed. I ordered the seeds from Seed Savers. The catalog description promised broad, pale-green pods with beautiful purple blossoms.

Oh my....the blossoms are beautiful. The first harvest was also delicious. The small peas were so sweet. They really didn't even need to be cooked. I ate several before I made it to the kitchen.

The hot temperatures are beginning to slow down the blooms. Next year I will plant them a couple of weeks earlier. This variety is a keeper!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The last of the beach pictures...I promise

We drove to Corolla Beach for our last night. This beach requires 4-wheel drive. We loaded up everyone in the back of Bob's truck and headed down the beach.
You can see why a 4-wheel drive is needed. We looked at a rental house in this area. It was beautiful but not easily accessible. You had to drive at least two miles down the beach before you reached the houses. We didn't even attempt to go to the end of the island. We were afraid we'd get stuck.
Final beach picture...and a good visual reminder to start that diet when I get home.

There are wild horses that roam the Corolla beach area. As we were leaving we spotted this group. The sun and the horses were all in the wrong spots to get a good picture.
Adam and Cage (my nephew).
Zach and Colton - They kinda bonded on this trip. Colton's personality reminds me so much of Zachary when he was that age.
Final picture of the grandparents and grandkids (minus Clay who had to stay at home and start college).

It was a great trip.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Beach photos

Adam and Seth at the aquarium

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cape Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands

Adam, Avery & Seth getting ready to climb the stairs in the lighthouse. They made it in record time.

We had to take a ferry similar to this one to Ocracoke Island.
I love the color blue. If I lived on the Outer Banks, I'd have a house this color.
Ocracoke Island
This house was adorable. The gray siding with a bright yellow door. So pretty.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Outer Banks

Enjoying a few days at the beach.