Friday, March 27, 2009

I have no idea...

...what to call this contraption
At different times this semester Clay has mentioned a "shopping cart" project that he and a couple of other guys have been working on in Auto Tech class.   

He brought it home today and  drove it up and down the driveway.  
 They were so funny driving around in their motorized shopping cart.  

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Letter to Spring

Dear Spring,
I'm glad you finally decided to make an appearance.  I want to encourage you to stay for a nice long visit.  Please don't let summer arrive too soon, and make sure you lock winter out of the house.  We don't like him anymore.  He overstayed his visit and he is such an expensive houseguest.  My electric bills always go down after he leaves.  

You dropped by a couple of weeks ago and then disappeared. We were so disappointed. Please plan a nice long visit this time. I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch enjoying your company.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


If you have boys, there is a strong chance you'll visit the emergency room on more than one occasion.  Last week we paid ANOTHER visit to the local emergency room. 

Adam broke his wrist.  He was riding his bike and didn't take the time to tie his shoes.  The shoestring got tangled in the chain and over he went.  He threw out his arm to break his fall and the rest is history.  

After the pain went away, he was pretty proud of his battle wound.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Orleans

Labor Day 2007 
We traveled with two other families to New Orleans for a mission trip.  We went to
 help Bro. Kemp repair the house he owns in the Ninth Ward.  Before Hurricane Katrina, the home served as a church, half-way house, and safe place for those needing a meal and a bed.

We worked for two long (and hot) days.  
The ladies tore down the plaster walls and the kids helped haul away the debris. 
This is just one of the MANY piles of debris and trash that we hauled to the curb. 

The guys worked outside to replace the damaged exterior walls.  
Despite the hard work, we were only able to make a small dent in the huge project.  We left New Orleans completely exhausted but blessed in a powerful way.  Our time there as a family working side by side was incredible.  

This summer we get to go back to Brother Kemp's house with the youth group from church.  Our goal is to finish four rooms so that Bro. Kemp can FINALLY move back in his home.  

A couple of weeks ago, Bob flew down with a couple of guys from our church to make a plan.  They worked out a list of materials and supplies needed to complete the four rooms.  The estimated cost is $17,000.  They decided to raise the money for the project board by board, fixture by fixture.  The youth group is asking church members, family, and friends to "buy" a sheet of drywall, a box of nails, a light fixture, bathroom faucet, etc.  Piece by piece, donation by donation we hope to raise the funds to finish the four rooms.  
I can't wait!

PS-Anyone interested in helping?  Leave a comment and I'll get in touch.