Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Homemade Christmas

Ask my boys and they will tell you that their mom LOVES the homemade ornaments they made in school.  
On the last school day before Christmas holidays, they would proudly dig their ornaments out of their backpacks and show them to me.  
They couldn't wait to get home and show me what they had made at school. 
I have so many sweet memories attached to each and every ornament.  My tree is a varied assortment of cardboard cut-outs, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners.  Some of them are falling apart and I can't hang them on the tree.  A googly-eye is missing from a reindeer, or an angel has lost her wing.  I keep the broken ornaments stored in a box because I can't bring myself to part with them.  
The number of new ornaments  has dwindled.  For the last couple of years, Adam is the only one who has brought home an ornament. Since he is in middle school this year, I'm not sure if his teachers will be planning any Christmas crafts.  
There probably won't be any new ornaments to hang on the tree this year...... sigh.....

PS - Adam read this post and said his teachers are planning a craft day.  I can't wait to add more treasures to my tree.


Patty said...

aren't the homemade ones the dearest ! They are the ones we hold tenderly before hanging them on the tree

Williams Arena said...

Well said.