Friday, December 26, 2008

A few Christmas photos

Here are a few pictures from Christmas "08.  My camera was not cooperating and most of the pictures are blurry and dark.  One of these days, I need to sit down and read the manual.

The Grandkids at my parents house on Christmas day.  Cage was fussy so we were trying to keep the cries at bay by clapping, snapping, and a variety of weird noises produced by four adults. 
My brother and Cage.  Their heads match.

The guys on Christmas morning. 
Lady did not appreciate her Christmas bow.  She refused to look at the camera.
Bob made this bed for my niece.


Leah said...

Great pictures!! Your boys are getting so big. When we first met ya'll, they were just little guys and now they are such good looking fellas.


Lora said...

Cage is a darlin' baby! And the bow on the dog is a hoot! Our Lilly Belle does not like to wear decorations either.

I'm making deviled eggs this week and had a good laugh at your post! And your chickens are beautiful too.