Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boys, Snow, and 4 Wheel Drive

It's not often we get a White Christmas in the South. Here in the North Georgia Mountains, we may get a cold Christmas or a Christmas with a light snowfall but rarely do we get a 6 inch snow.
Miss Katie loved the snow.

We got up on Christmas morning and made the decision to stay put. Or at least I thought that was the decision. The guys were convinced they could make it to Granny and Papa's house. They were sure their 4-wheel drive trucks could handle the road.

I think they just wanted to play in the snow...big boy style. Instead of sleds and snowmen, they wanted to slip and slide in their truck.
Instead of driving the main roads, we chose the National Forest Service roads. The drive through Cooper Creek Wildlife Management area is one of our favorites. The snow was beautiful. I could have taken pictures the entire day!
Here the guys wait on me while I snap a few more photos. We were the first ones to ride through the area.

My Alma Mater

This is the smallest school in the state of Georgia. It houses grades k-12. I graduated with a bumper crop of 12 students! I love this school.

We safely arrived at Granny and Papa's house for Christmas Dinner and were only 25 minutes late :)


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Aww, glad you made it safely! This has been such a beautiful Christmas. Between the wonderful Christmas Eve service and the beautiful snow, it has just been perfect.


Val said...

How fun! I am like you..I can take pics all day of this beautiful snow.