Friday, January 8, 2010

The "Off" Button

He's funny. Witty with a touch of sarcasm. Just the kind of humor that I enjoy and appreciate.
However, like many middle-schoolers, he needs to learn when to turn it off. "It" being the chatty, funny stuff. In other words, he needs to find his "Off Button" and use it. There's a fine line between witty and downright annoying (something Jim Carrey never learned) and he's crossing that line at school.

This past week he was sent out into the hall for talking in class. It seems that this has been going on for awhile and repeated requests to BE QUIET have gone unheeded.

So, he now faces a choice....find that "Off Button" on your own and OR we'll find it for you.

If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be disciplining him for talking too much in class, I would have given you a hug. Ten years ago, at the age of three, he was diagnosed with several speech impediments. He was in therapy for almost nine years.


Leah said...

The only spanking I ever got in school was because I was talking!! Imagine quiet, shy little me...TALKING in class.


Cindy said...

I too got numerous "paddlings" at school for talking. Manning had that problem too in middle school. I don't know if you remember it or not, but I sat in his 7th grade science class for two days because he couldn't seem to find his "off button". His entire class was in shock because they couldn't believe that I would do that. But I warned him and it seemed to have done the trick.

Manning finally grew out of it. Your boy will find his off button.

Williams Arena said...

Leah & Cindy - How funny! I can't imagine either of you getting a spanking in school.