Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The new girls in town

We took a trip to a local feed store to buy replacements for the hens that we've lost this winter. The plan was to buy younger chicks because they are cheaper. They were out of baby chicks but they had these girls. At first the price seemed a little steep. However, the salesman pointed out that feeding young chicks for 6 months would equal the cost of buying these girls. Plus, he offered us a discount.

I miss my Araucana hen. She laid the prettiest greenish blue eggs. The first order of business was to bring home another Araucana. We brought home two.
We also replaced the dependable Buff Orpington. She is a sweetheart. She is calm and doesn't mind being held.
Poor things haven't been out of a cage since they hatched. They are still trying to figure out the pecking order of the pen and tend to stay hidden inside the roost. They'll eventually get settled and we'll start letting them out to scratch around the yard.

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