Friday, December 4, 2009

College applications

He's getting serious about applying to college.  SAT's, college essays, GPA's, extra-curricular activities are all topics heard around our house.  
As a teacher, I know these things are important (well.. not so much).  As a parent, I resent him being reduced to a test score or a grade point average.  
He's grown a lot this past year.  We are in new territory here.  He's on the verge of adulthood and we are going through the growing pains of learning how to parent an adult child.  It's not easy.  You constantly have to juggle when to let them be independent and when to step in and help/instruct.  It's hard to stand back and let them be independent. Really, really, hard...

Everyone relates a child leaving home to a baby bird flying away from the nest for the first time.  

I'm sure the momma bird feels a mixture of relief and fear.  Relief because the nest is getting too small.  The constant flying practices and feedings are wearing her out.   But then the time comes to take that first official flight and the second-guessing begins.  Is he ready?  What if (blank) happens?  Will he know what to do if (blank) happens?  Can he fend for himself? Maybe I should have spent more time working on (blank).

We watch the baby bird stretch its wings and we take it for granted that it will always turn out OK. 

It sounds so simple and easy.  Reality isn't so simple or easy when it's your nest and your baby bird. 

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Leah said...

Cannot even imagine all the emotions wrapped up in this one!!