Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Project #1-Slipcovers

Last fall I bought a new (new to me) sewing machine off Craigslist. It is an older model Phaff. I did a little research on the Internet and after reading the positive reviews, took the plunge and made my first Craigslist purchase. I brought it home, tried a few stitches, and sat it aside for the rest of the school year.


.......Day job + Night job + kiddos + a million other things = no time for sewing

We also brought this little "princess" home last fall and decided we were ready for a house dog. It quickly became apparent that I needed something on my sofa that could be easily cleaned.

A little browsing on the Internet and I came across the idea of making slipcovers from painter's drop cloths.
Many hours later, the project is complete. Not exactly a perfect slipcover but it will work. I have miles and miles of thread in this thing. This was a sewing project of EPIC proportions.

I still have a few odds and ends to take care of and I want to reinforce the seams on the cushions because.....if this thing falls apart in the wash, please forward my mail to the local mental hospital.

I'm not sure I could handle the disappointment :)


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Looks great to me!! I have a sofa in my basement that needs a decent slipcover.....

co_heir said...

Looks good! We have a nice chair in our dining room that we want to keep clean, and still let our dog sit in it. We just cover it with a sheet and take the sheet off when people come over. :)

Manuela@ACN said...

Well it looks great to me! That chair I'm doing is using painters drop cloth also. What tutorials did you look at. I've been using the Miss Mustard Seed video tuts.

It is taking forEVAH for my chair so I can only imagine how long it took for that big couch!! I'm thinking it would have been waay easier to go out and buy and new chair.


Williams Arena said...

I looked at Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial but I didn't watch the videos. There are lots of blogs out there with examples to follow. It took me several days to get everything stitched together. Then I realized the seams were going to need some help. The canvas unravels something fierce. I went back and zigzagged every seam. I think I used 4 spools of thread!

I hope to slipcover a chair in a couple of weeks. First, I need to recuperate from this project :)