Monday, April 4, 2011

Still here...

March was...long, cold, and exhausting. I wasn't even inspired to pick up my camera. The pictures below are from last spring.

But spring has arrived and the longer days have stirred the creative juices in my brain. I'm thinking about vegetable gardens, flowers, paint, fabric, yarn......and a full-blown attack on the clutter.

We're on spring break this week. I visited my sister this weekend and shopped at my all time favorite fabric store. This store is amazing and perfect for the thrifty shopper. Imagine the thrill of watching a gorgeous piece of silk fabric placed on a scale and hearing the sales lady say...."This piece is $1.97."



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I am so behind on blog hopping, but am finally getting around to yours. The pics are beautiful.

Amy, you would be mildly proud of me. We put in a couple of raised beds and I have planted a few lettuce plants, cabbage, and strawberries. We will probably starve to death out of the this garden but it will be fun trying a garden for the first time ever.

AmyW said...

Leah - I am very proud! We planted a strawberry bed last year. It struggled through the summer and only produced a few berries. Then the weather cooled off and by September, I had lots of sweet berries. I picked berries until the first week of November.

Good luck and keep me posted on the garden progress.