Sunday, May 23, 2010

A graduation party

We celebrated Clay's graduation last night. Lots of good food, laughter and fun.
Adam and Jared. Jared will be entering the military in August.

On the front porch, the guys were discussing past escapades and planning future ones. There was some mention of jumping off bridges....I gave them the "evil eye" and reminded them of Darwin's law. My heart always skips a beat when I hear these stories....

Zach and Grayson.

..but I'm truly grateful that my boys have good friends. Tried and true friends who stick beside each other. They have strong values and are remarkable young men.
Cage and Colton were fascinated with this pretty young lady.

I realize we all say that the years fly by and babies grow up overnight. Looking at the memory board that I had made for Clay really brought home this fact. Lots of great memories. It seems like only last week I was stressing over a four-year old thumb-sucker....I remember being so worried that he would suck his thumb forever :)

While his dad gave the blessing for dinner last night, he thanked God for protecting Clay all these years and blessing us with a fine young man.
I agree.

Congratulations Clay! May your future be filled with love, opportunities, and adventures.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Fun!! Thanks for sharing your party with us. God bless your family, Amy.


Cindy said...

Amy, Clay is a fine young man as are Zachery and Adam. You are blessed with a wonderful family.