Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finally...Spring Break

No out-of-town trips this year. Everyone is just too tired to plan even a camping trip. Besides, I've had a to-do list running through my head for the past month just waiting for this week.

Spring break To-Do List:

CLEAN this house. The dust and cobwebs have got to go. The windows need to be washed and the porches readied for summer.

PAINT....I got a sweet deal on a set of end tables/coffee table this winter. I love the simple style but not the color. I'm thinking of painting them barn red. I have an old dresser in the mudroom that I want to paint Apple Green.

I salvaged a cool set of light fixtures from the old greenhouse at school. I need to clean them up, spray paint them, and get Bob to hang them on the front porch.

I have plans for the old 1980's ceiling fan in the living room.

I need to clean out the flower beds and transplant almost everything.

I want to get the vegetable garden tilled and ready.

I hope to visit the local nursery to look for more fruit trees.

That's the list and knowing me....I won't get a single thing accomplished :-)

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I know you are glad that Spring Break if finally here. I think the barn red tables and the apple green dresser sounds so neat. Don't work too hard.