Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day

Today is our first official "Snow Day of 2009."  We have a little snow day tradition at the Williams Arena that involves sugar, cinnamon, butter, and flour.  

To celebrate the first snow day, I make homemade cinnamon rolls.  

When the weather man predicts snow, the first question the boys ask is, "Have they cancelled school?"  The second question is, "Are you going to make cinnamon rolls?" 

Then I get to listen these questions over and over....."When are they going to be ready?  How much longer?"  

Finally, they come out of the oven and I hear one more question, "How many can we have?"

For a few minutes, everything is blissfully quiet while they eat.   Then Adam says, "Mom these are really good!" and I'm reminded why I keep the tradition alive. 


Leah said...

Hmm, I could be to your house in about 10 minutes if there are any left!! LOL!!

They look great!


Cindy said...

Yummy! I would love to have your recipe. I always use store bought. My poor family is deprived.

Lora said...

Yummy! What a wonderful tradition!

I love the picture you have posted of the moon.