Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Zach

Zach turned 15 over the weekend. He was at a youth retreat so we celebrated his birthday a day late. 

The weekend before his birthday, a friend of ours had 2 Atlanta Falcons' tickets for sale.  Bob and Zach headed to Atlanta to watch the Atlanta Falcons/Denver Bronco game.  Zach had a great time. 

Sunday after church the family gathered to wish him a Happy Birthday.  Zach requested his favorite cake - Applesauce Cake.  Nothing fancy, just a simple butter cake recipe with homemade applesauce on top.  He wanted me to make 2 cakes.  1 for him and 1 for everyone else.  I didn't have time but I've promised him another cake for the Thanksgiving holidays.

He is growing up.  We are starting to get glimpses of the man he will be someday.  God has blessed him with a strong body and a strong will.  Many times he and I have had a battle of the wills and I've walked away on the brink of wringing his neck.   I've always felt that God gave him that strong will because He has something amazing in store for Zach (sometimes I have to remind myself of this to keep from wringing his neck).  One day, that determination will come in handy.  He is a quiet young man that often hides a softer side.  I've watched him tenderly help his great-grandmother who had Alzheimer's walk down the porch steps.  Quietly assuring her that he would take care of her and not let her fall.  No one asked him to help her.  He just noticed her and went over to help.  Of course, this same kid will terrorize his younger brother for the simple pleasure of hearing him squeal...."MOM!"  

We'll go sometime next week and get his learner's permit.  I'm not sure I'm ready to sit on the passenger side while he drives.....

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