Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Football Post....

I know...

how creative of me....

another football post.

Imagine that?

Zach was one of the team captains for the first home game.

This time of year we spend a lot of time at football games...Thursday night JV games and Friday night varsity games. Practice the rest of the week means late suppers or a trip to the drive-thru. Too many trips through the drive-thru....

A little face mask action going on. The referee didn't catch this one btw.

The next week will require a lot of travel time. Zach's game is over 94 miles away. Adam's game is around 60 miles away. Needless to say, we're all zombies around here by Saturday morning.

We won the first game and lost last night. When the other team has a player who can run a 4.2, and can somehow wiggle out of every doesn't bode well for the opposing team. Zach tried to chase him down but his 4.7 just couldn't keep up with a 4.2.

So far, Zach is having a great season. In his first game, he had 65 yards receiving and 1 interception. According to the stats in the paper, he had T-2, A-4, TFL-1. (Don't ask me what the numbers and letters represent. I have no idea.) He was Defense Athlete of the Week.

However, the one award he is most proud of is the Wood Award.

A sweaty, tired, but happy football player after the game.

This is an award the defensive coaches hand out each week for the "hardest hit". He added another Wood Award to his growing list.

To say he enjoys tackling is an understatement :)

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Val said...

Oh I can only imagine how proud you are!!!