Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thursday Football...anyone notice a trend?

Football has taken over at our house. One middle school player, one high school player. Middle School game every Thursday and High School game every Friday night. Practice. Practice. And more practice.
Here are some pictures from Adam's game this week. They won 21 to 7.

His team is undefeated. He plays linebacker and is starting this year.

He had several good tackles in this game.

His first home game is next week but we have to travel on Friday night for Zach's game. His game is across the state line in NC. We are playing a school that is literally in the sticks. Which is kinda funny since most folks think we live in the sticks :)


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

We have not made it to a game yet...hopefully soon.


Cindy said...

But isn't it fun? I miss watching my football player.

Mariel said...

oh my, I have two boys (10 and 7)...fear is settlng in me as I see these boys tackling...I know this is in my near future! enough to make a mama take a deep breathe and trust Jesus some more!!

co_heir said...

Have fun! I miss the days of watching our kids play sports.

Valerie said...

Oh treasure these days because they will be gone before you know it. Thank you for visiting me. I am so behind on reading blogs. You made my day!