Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Middle Child

Fishing at Granny and Papa's

He doesn't have a lot of patience with people.  However, put a fishing pole in his hand and he will stand still for hours.  I've watched him patiently wait for a shy kitten to crawl up in his lap when no one else could coax it out of hiding.   When it comes to animals, he has unlimited patience.

Several  years ago he spent an entire afternoon in a creek trying to catch a trout. We were camping with another family and the kids got the bright idea to try and catch a trout with their bare hands. They tried for about an hour and gave up.  But not Zach.   He stood bent over in the creek with his hands in the water for most of the afternoon.  Patiently waiting for a trout to come close enough for him to catch.  The other kids would call for him to come play but he stayed in the creek.  He was on a mission to catch a trout.  I'll never forget the excitement that erupted when he caught the trout or the big grin on his face.  

I'm a firm believer that God "wired" my kids personalities a certain way because He has grand plans for them.  While I get frustrated with his lack of patience with people, I'm reminded that his strong will and quiet determination are there for a reason.  God has a plan for each of my boys.  Someday those traits, if he remains obedient to God, will serve him well.  I'm looking forward to watching those plans unfold.


Valerie said...

Oh this is beautiful. You have reminded me to see the good in my children. Thank you. I love this.
P.S. We are fishermen too! We love it.

Leah said...

I think that God knew exactly what each of us would need in regard to personality to make it through this life. God bless your sweet boy.