Sunday, May 31, 2009


He's changing right in front of my eyes.

This past weekend he gave away all his trading cards to a neighbor's son.  A sure sign that he is growing up.  Last summer, during our annual clean and purge session, he insisted on keeping them.  This summer he could care less about the cards. 

I suspect that next week during the next clean and purge session, he won't even bat an eye as I pack up the Legos, cars, games, etc.  to either donate or store in the attic.

After almost 18 years of toys in the house, we will be officially toy free this summer.  There was a time when I looked forward to that day.  Usually those moments followed stepping barefoot on a Lego piece or entering a room that looked like a toy bomb had gone off.  

Now that the moment has arrived, I'm a little sad....

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Leah said...

Great pics! He is a very handsome young man!! Congratulations!