Saturday, April 25, 2009

I really love spring

Dogwoods blooming in the backyard.
White azaleas blooming by the front porch.
Purple irises in the flower bed.

I've always loved spring.  We are lucky to have a backyard filled with native dogwoods. Everyday when I come home from work I'm greeted by the sight of dogwood blooms.  They never fail to bring a smile to my face.  

The azaleas came with the house and year after year they never fail to take our breath away. They are absolutely beautiful.  

The irises were planted the first spring after we moved in.  The purple ones bloom first, followed by the yellow and white.  

I really love spring.


Cindy said...

Yesterday when Robert and I were riding along I was stuck by how much better I feel when it is spring and it is warm. Makes me feel more alive. I am patiently waiting for my things to bloom. Our white azalea is blooming now, but the others are taking their time. My irises are being shy too.

Thanks for sharing your photos. They are beautiful.

Williams Arena said...

Cindy - I couldn't agree with you more! Spring is like a good energy shot in the arm.

Leah said...

Beautiful pictures, Amy. I love spring, too. My favorite season tho is autumn. I just love all the muted colors.

My irises have not bloomed yet, but my dianthus are just about to pop open, as are my red azaleas. My white azaleas always bloom later than the others.

See you tomorrow.