Wednesday, March 18, 2009


If you have boys, there is a strong chance you'll visit the emergency room on more than one occasion.  Last week we paid ANOTHER visit to the local emergency room. 

Adam broke his wrist.  He was riding his bike and didn't take the time to tie his shoes.  The shoestring got tangled in the chain and over he went.  He threw out his arm to break his fall and the rest is history.  

After the pain went away, he was pretty proud of his battle wound.  


Leah said...

Oh,ouch, I am so sorry. I hope he is getting lots of sympathy. Gosh what am I saying....guys ALWAYS get lots of sympathy.


Cindy said...

Tell Adam that I am sorry that he broke his wrist. I will be praying for his bones to mend quickly and completely.